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Submission Regarding Abortion Legislation - To the Constitisional Court of South Africa - 2006/09/24


Individual Bushmen may think that they may use abortion but through this action they cause the extinction of the group.

The present Legislation in South Africa protects individual rights but ignores group rights.

The point of departure is that when individual rights are protected then the group will be protected automatically.

This statement is entirely false when it comes to abortion.

Individual members can easily destroy the group by being infertile.

One group may also suffer greater damage than other groups.

A People of 1,3 billion people, such as the Chinese, can afford to prevent millions of babies but the Bushman cannot afford to lose one thousand babies.

How on Earth can the same legislation be applicable to both?



Everyone is aware of South Africa’s history and how it has unfolded over the past 354 years.

In support of our view, it is our pleasure to append with this submission the statistical reports dealing with the composition of the South African population since 1904, to show how this composition has changed over time.

We appreciate that the statistics may not necessarily be accurate but it is all we have available to work with so as to present our point.

From 1904 the Black/White ratio in South Africa was 3,6 to 1. (see Annexure 1)

This ratio remained constant until1950 at which time it was still 3,7 Black people to one White person.

From 1960 a tremendous change occurred which can be seen clearly and is easily explained.

We can at this stage simply say that there are presently 48 million people in South Africa of which the Black people are 44 million. This is a ratio of 11 to 1.

To appreciate what happened we have to go back to 1960 as well as 1945 when the Second World War ended.


As a result of the massive annihilation caused by the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the leaders of the world realized that they had the power to destroy the world.

They then brought into existence the United Nations Organisation so as to prevent all future wars.

However, they soon realised that they would be faced with the next problem: over-population.

The UN, by way of its offshoot, The World Health Organisation, inaugurated a programme to determine how to keep the world’s population in check. 

Dr. Rock of the USA was the first medical practitioner to discover how to prevent a woman’s fertility by getting her to swallow a single pill per day and thereby prevent the birth of children.

The Pill was heralded by the world as the greatest discovery of the 20th century.

Now women were free to compete with men on an equal footing and organise their lives as it suited them.

The Pill met with the approval of everybody and no one disapproved of it.

1)      Men were satisfied with the Pill because it meant they could have more sex.

2)      Women could now also enjoy sex more without fearing pregnancy.

3)      Employers could now make use of the cheap labour of women.

4)      The manufacturers of the Pill made millions.

5)      More income tax was collected by the state.

6)      Other industries, such as day care centres, were established.

7)      Loans were made available by the banks because it had been agreed upon with the UN that the best method to reduce childbirths is to give people a substantial debt burden so that women would be necessitated to find employment.

Before 1960 bank loans were not freely available.


In South Africa Dr. Verwoerd advocated a system of separate development.

The National Party legislated an Act which in the general parlance was known as the Job Reservation Act.

According to this Act Blacks were disallowed from doing the work of White people but the economy was crying out for skilled people.

Under Dr. Verwoerd large numbers of White immigrants were brought into South Africa and there was a dependence on the labour of women.

Men who worked in offices were substituted by the cheap labour of women.

The taxes generated by working women were a substantial injection into the economy and this was partly responsible for the good economic growth of the 1960s and 1970s. 

Employment opportunities abounded because there was such great demand for skilled people.

Black people were shifted out to the Homelands and they were prevented from becoming artisans, policemen, nurses, etc. in South Africa.

From 1980 White schools were closing down 600 classrooms per year and this was purely due to the prevention of childbirths after the 1960s.

Black people did not have the money to use the Pill and they continued to have children as usual - as many as plus/minus 8 per household.

White people as a group did not replace their numbers and their numbers stagnated and reduced. From 1991 this population group is now reducing by an average of 35 000 per year. (see Annexure 1)

It is for this reason that such a huge change occurred from 1960 when the ratio was 3 to 1, to today where it is 11 to 1.

It is thus clear that the ideas and planning of Dr. Verwoerd had a direct impact on White women having fewer children.

White people as a group prevented the birth of at least 8 million babies from 1960 to 1997 and this loss is not acceptable to any People or race.

It will lead to the eventual death of a specific group and the few remaining individuals will be assimilated into the general population.

For a modern country such as South Africa it is suicide to allow your middle and upper classes to annihilate themselves.

We have a social compact with each other that those people who have the ability to do so will bring about a civilisation that is to the benefit of all.

This compact is broken by the civilisation-makers when they prevent their future generations.

Individual Rights

Here we can thus see that individual rights have caused the group to suffer greatly and that it could conceivably cause the entire group to cease to exist.

Nature’s plan encompasses this reality and knows that you cannot leave the procreation of children to people. If they have the choice, they will have far fewer children.

For this reason there must be male and female contingents within any given population group that are sufficiently attracted to each other to bring forth children without too many stumbling blocks placed in their way.


If this were not so Nature could have made all of us bi-sexual and then we could all choose when and how many children we may want.

Nature in its wisdom decided that we may not decide for ourselves and it is because of this that the balance is maintained.


Unemployment in South Africa is presently 30% of the workforce.

4,5 million people are unemployed and we can rightly ask why this is so.


Employers have historically emanated from the White population group as a result of the following reasons:


1)      Whites were further advanced than their Black compatriots.

2)      The language of the White people was a written language and this contributed to developing methods and systems.

We can thus say that most employers emanated from the White population group.

For the past 46 years millions of employers have been prevented from being born and therefore the South African economy is destined to crumble if we do not pay urgent attention to the education and training of employers.

Child-prevention medications, the Pill, condoms, sterilisation and abortion are directly responsible for the imbalance between employers and employees in South Africa.

Criminal Activity

Few people in South Africa will attribute the high rate of crime to the Pill and abortion.

The fact is that all the food is in shops and that you require money to stay alive. Money can only be acquired by selling your labour or skills to an employer, or you must steal it.

With 30% of all males unemployed it is not surprising that South Africa has a high crime rate.

Thus we can declare here that the high crime rate in South Africa is largely due to the small number of employers and that the small number of employers is directly as a result of 8 million White babies having been prevented from being born since 1960.

We further state that abortion will have a substantial impact on unemployment because people with means do not want large families and they will routinely have undesired babies murdered at abortion clinics such as those of Marie Stopes.



Advocates of abortion are generally very dishonest people.

It is never a personal matter to them because it will not necessarily happen that they will be going for an abortion.

Abortion to these people is a weapon to get rid of their enemies.

History has shown that children have always been the target of invaders and that women have always been raped so as to change the gene pool.

It will not do to rake up old stories but everybody knows that the aim of all wars is to destroy the enemies women and children.

It is for this reason that the supporters of abortion always have it as their aim to prevent the enemies children or to slaughter them.


The government may have the view concerning abortion legislation, that it can be used to get rid of its enemies and by hiding behind individual rights it is easy to slaughter thousands of the enemies children without having a finger pointed at them.

It may not be a problem for the government if a million Blacks are prevented through abortion, but if they could succeed in preventing a million White children then the abortion legislation is a prerequisite for them.


This submission does not in any way allege that the government has sinister motives but it may be viewed as such if the present abortion legislation is ratified.

Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act 92 of 1996

Selective abortion

When Man meddles with Nature, it becomes his responsibility to continually carry on with the meddling.

If people have free access to abortion they may also commit selective abortion.

In other words, they may decide to keep male children and slaughter female children.

This tendency has already occurred in India where 10 million female children have been slaughtered through abortion. (see Beeld Annexure 3)

The imbalance in Nature is therefore great because a whole generation of women simply do not exist.

It will cause the same problems as has happened in South Africa as a result of the Pill.

There will be a scarcity of women and tremendous stress will result.

Marriages will also not be successful because women will move from one man to the next.

White, Blacks and Peoples

Thus far in this submission there has been reference to races and the large difference in numbers of the races in South Africa, and we have proved that this has not always been the case.

It is for this reason that we now wish to change the focus to, just as we used the Bushman as an example, to refer to our own People, the Boer Nation.


We view the Boer Nation as a threatened People in South Africa.

Our numbers have reduced to the same extent as the greater White population to where we now no longer replace ourselves

Although few realise this, we are endangered to the same degree as the Bushman.

Because no system exists by which we can elect our own leaders, we are self-appointed leaders and we declare that we want to speak on behalf of our nation.

We are entirely against the abortion legislation for the following reasons:

 1)            That the government may use it as a weapon to destroy us further.

2)            That individual rights are used to destroy us as a group.

3)            That other nations may not be allowed to decide that our nation’s women and children may be destroyed through abortion.

4)            That interfering with Nature is unnatural and that it will cause further unmanageable problems to the same extent as the Pill.

5)            That the Boer Nation is not replacing itself and that we are being exterminated systematically.

6)            That individual persons may not have the right to decide on life and death.

7)            That abortion be declared illegal because each and every abortion causes someones death.

8)            That abortion causes the death of future employers and leaders.

9)            That it is not possible for abortion to influence the population of the world and thus it cannot be used to prevent over-population.

10)        That each People has the right to decide for itself over such important issues.

11)        That there are eleven different Peoples in South Africa and that this therefore makes it impossible to make such important legislation applicable to all of them.


We see in Annexure 1 of Stats South Africa that there was a ratio of 3,1 in respect of White people compared with the rest of the population.

From 1960 the situation changed totally and the ratio slowly but surely changed until we are presently at 11:1.

If the trend from 1904 to 1950 had continued we would today still be at 3:1.

Thus we can say with certainty that the rest of South Africa is today 44 million and that White people should have been 12 million. (see Table 1)

White people are presently 4 million and thus the Pill prevented 8 million White people from being born.


The Afrikaans-speaking people whom we include in the Boer Nation, are approximately 50% of the White people and this results in the fact that we are only 2 million people.

According to Annexure 4 the total births of White people is 79 000 per year and the Afrikaans-speaking segment will thus be approximately 50% of this figure; which gives us approximately 39 000 per year.

We can accept that everyone below the age of 18 will give us 702 000 children. (18 X 39 000)

Thus our Nation consists of:


639 000 men

660 000 women

702 000 children

Total    2 million members of the Boer Nation.


Babies for Adoption (see Annexure 2)

Since the present Abortion Act came into effect there are no White children available for adoption.

This is certainly the best proof that White girls and women are getting rid of their little mistakes in the abortion clinics.

Once again it is the individual that is destroying the group and we were not participants in the establishment of the present Abortion Act.

If there were at any point a decision to exterminate us, it is now certain that it was the greatest opportunity for our enemies.

Our Demands

Should the government intend to approve the planned abortion legislation, then we would like to make the following demands:

1)      That a referendum be held to test the opinion of the population.

2)      That race classifications be used so as to indicate who voted for or against abortion.

3)      That such referendum be held under the auspices of an independent party.

If this demands are not met or taken in consideration we will make it our duty to inform all our people of the murderous onslaught from the South African Government.

This is no threat but it leaves us without any other option.

Signed on this day of 20th September 2006.

Coen Vermaak

Leader of the Boerestaat Party of S.A.

Tel / Fax: 011-762-3842


E. Mail Address: info@boerestaatparty.co.za

Web Site: www.boerestaatparty.co.za




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