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To: Sylvia Mbiti
Tel no: (011) 714 2284
Cell no: 071 804 4291
E-mail: MbitiSM@sabc.co.za
Regarding your research on Political Parties in South Africa.
The Boerestaat Party of SA was formed by Mr. Robert van Tonder in 1988.He died in 1998 and I then formalized the registration of the Party in 1 July 2005 with the IEC.
We stand for Qualified Franchise and not one man one vote.
As Mr. Mandela once said a Black doctor could not vote but a white vagrant could.We agreed with the statement and it is also valid today.
White or black, a doctorís vote has the same value as a vagrant and we do not agree with such a system.
Our sole purpose is to have our Nationís growth-rate increased to at least four children per household or ten million people.
The racist ANC Government refuse to keep proper Statistics regarding our Nationís birth-rate.
That is discrimination as no information is available regarding our current birth-rate.
The same argument is regarding the abortion statistics.
We have no idea regarding the loss of life, Murder, Natural death, Abortion and Accidents for our Nation.
Our main objective is to increase our Nationís Birth-rate by distributing information regarding the murderous consumption of the Pill, Condoms and Cultural believes.
Our 2016 Elections Manifesto is:
1) We stand for Natural and Natures Law and do not except any form of unnatural Birth Control.
2) We stand for genetic protection and genetic improvement.
3) We stand for a Natural Family Life of marriage and family.
4) We stand for the Natural order of man & wife in marriage and totally disprove of same sex marriage.
5) We stand for a school system where our children will be educated in their own culture, history and future planning.
6) We stand for the scrapping of Personal Tax and the increase of Vat to 16%.
7) We stand for the abolishment of Tax for families with six children and more.
8) We stand for Qualified Franchise and not one man one vote.
9) We stand for all Murderers, Rapists and Home Invaders to lose their Citizenship, their Voting Rights and Employment Rights.
10) We stand for the Re-Introducing of the Death Penalty.
Coen Vermaak is the current Party Leader and Bernadine van Deventer is the Party secretary.
Everyone is welcome to join the Boerestaat Party at R50.00 per month Membership fee.
Every membership will swear alliance to our ten point Manifesto to achieve our goal.
Kindly yours
Leader of the Boerestaat Party
Coen Vermaak
Tel: 011 411 6901-2-3
Cell: 082 413 6323
E-mail Address: info@boerestaatparty.co.za
Website: www.boerestaatparty.co.za

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