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Malema’s Predatory Claim


I would not normally write in English, but to make sure that everybody, also those that come from retarded schools can understand me, I will do so.

Every nation have their retarded people and some have more than others. 

Malema falls in this category and it is clear that he does not understand history.

When Jan van Riebeeck came to South Africa it was 1652.

The Great Trek started in 1836 to 1838.

This means that the whites was here 184 years before the Great Trek.

Now when Jan van Riebeeck came to South Africa, he brought with him all the knowledge that existed in Europe.

One of them was to start a fire. 

The indigenous people on the other hand had no idea how to start a fire.

Only Bushman in the Kalahari used very hard sticks but this was never the case with the Black People in the East of South Africa.

They further had no way to manufacture clothing to protect them against the elements.

What they did was to use animal skins (the Karos), but it was mainly used in the night.

They had to use firewood when lightning striked and set the bush on fire.

The woman’s tasks was to gather enough wood to keep the fire going in the kraal.

This was a fulltime job because they had no other way to restart the fire.

They also needed a lot of wood.

They also could not live in places where it was very cold.

They therefore lived in Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Transvaal and Northern Transvaal   

All these places had a lot of wood and it was very hot and clothing was not necessary.

In the Free State and the Highlands of Transvaal, the winters was very cold and basically no trees grew here.

From the Orange River up to Pretoria there were none or very few blacks living here.

For Malema to state that we stole his lands and that he wants it back without compensation is just proof of his Predator mentality.

The Boerestate consist of these areas and it was the British under Milner that combined the whole of South Africa together.

It was here that the Boers disappeared and the Afrikaner just came out of nowhere but to disappear again under Verwoerd’s idea of a South African identity.

We will never agree that the Boerestate was forcefully taken from black people.

This was empty land and it was again the English that started a war with the two Republic’s because of the gold and diamonds that was discovered here.

And it was the English that insisted on voting rights for their immigrants and it was the English that forced all four Republics together to form one South Africa.

This happened again in 1994 when all the black and white immigrants forced de Klerk to except one man one vote.

But it is still the Boer Republics and we will never except anything else.    


Kind regards

Coen Vermaak