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Girls and Women: Stay True to Yourselves


*A message for all white girls and young women: listen to that small quiet voice inside of you*


On previous Frankly Speaking broadcasts, we’ve talked about the long-term dangers of integration.


The controlled media try to give us the impression that non white immigration and racial mixing are somehow inevitable and that everyone except a few marginal weirdoes is going along with the trend to a darker America.


But we here at National Vanguard are in a position to know that that just isn’t so.


Not everyone is buying into the non-stop anti-White brainwashing which emanates from our universities, schools, churches and especially from the media.

An ever-increasing number of people have heard our massage and have seen the light.

And some came to essentially the same conclusions on their own, and are delighted to find a group that isn’t afraid to say out loud what millions of white folks have thought for years.


One of these people is Miranda Collins, a young wife and mother and a real Southern lady from northwest Georgia who helps with National Vanguard’s activism whenever she can.

Here is Miranda in her on words:


“Hello my name is Miranda I am White racially-aware woman with three children” and I have a message to any and all White girls and young woman who can hear my words.


Do not buy into the hype in the movies, sitcoms, and schools.

Through a public relations campaign that relies on dishonesty and out rights lies, you are being manipulated by immoral people who are trying to convince White woman that racial suicide is good.


One thing you were not taught in schools is that race matters greatly to non-Whites.

As a matter of fact the United States government and American corporations give Black, Mestizo, Asian, and Jewish groups millions of dollars a year to operate.


Another thing your educators failed to tell you is that the rate for aids diagnosis of blacks is ten times the rate of whites, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Intimate contact with non-Whites can be fatal.


As we continue to respond to the constant drumbeat of Political Correctness, White Americans (and Whites worldwide) are aborting and race mixing ourselves out of existence while non-White birthrates are exploding all over the world.

If current demographic trends continue, census statistics tell us that White people in the United States will be a minority by the year 2050.


Many observes think it will happen far sooner, Think about it:


Racial mixing actually kills the very diversity you and your friends are ordered to worship.


As a fellow White woman I urge you to resist messages of racial destruction.

Do not put yourself in a position you will in all likelihood regret for the rest of your life, just because a social group or television program depicts race mixing as being normal.


If you listen closely to that small quiet voice in you, which some call your conscience but I call your racial soul you will know that race mixing is not normal.

When the time is right, bring strong, racially-aware White children into this world to protect the future of those who will come long after we are gone.


Thank you Miranda.

You’re an inspiration and a model of responsibilit the kind of responsibility that the late patriotic Senator Theodore Biblo was talking about when he said:


It is indeed a sorry White man and White Woman, who when put on notice of the inevitable result of mongrelisation of their race and their civilization, are yet unwilling to put forth any effort or make any sacrifice to save themselves and their offspring from this great and certain calamity.


I’m Frank Roman.

Thank you for listening and I shall speak to you again.






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