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The greatest danger facing the West


Again we can see that the World Bank, concentrate to destroy Europe and the whole Western civilization.

As race riots flare up in France, England and Australia, the World Bank saw fit to table a report as to how to assimilate these African Immigrants, into white society.

There are many words that they could have used, like exterminate, destroy, condemn, ruin, destruction, but they used the word assimilate.

In the report they indicate that there are already 200 million black immigrants in Europe. They say that, it is very good as these immigrants sent home millions of dollars and it is therefore "unnecessary" for the Western Government to sent such massif aid packages to third world governments.

According to the World Bank the immigrants must be correctly managed so that they can be assimilated into their new adopted Western Countries.

In the same report the bank states that the white birth rate is still dropping and it is therefore necessary to import cheap labour from Africa.

The white birth rate is .5% while the economy is growing by 3% per year.

The Bank therefore urged Western Governments to find ways to "Assimilate" these new immigrants.

Let us take a closer look as what happens with 200 million Black Immigrants in Europe.

Firstly they will find work and they will move into low cost housing.

There are three basic needs that they seek namely, housing, food and sex.

The money that they earn is not enough and therefore a very small amount is send "Home".

Then the search is on for sex and you can imagine what devastating effect 200 million people can have on Europe.

For thousands of years, Europe have managed to stop waves of invaders from Turkey, the Moslem World and Africa but they have no answer for this new kind of invaders, because they came invited.

The white woman of Europe made a decision not to have any baby's and therefore their destruction is imminent.

These immigrants will become part and parcel in their new homelands.

They will marry and their children will also be part of these countries.

The World Bank goes further and they indicate that 6 million more African immigrants are needed by 2025 for the economy to grow at 3% per year.

Why doesn't the Bank encourage whites to have more children? Why don't European Governments pay incentives for babies?

Why have the pill not been banned?

Why have they not declared abortion as murder?

Condoms, The Pill, Abortion, Sterilization, caesarian section, the Morning After Pill U486, and late marriages are the reason for Europe's low birth rate and it suits Europe's enemies that they destroy themselves.

It is not necessary anymore for Europe's enemy's to invade her, because she will fall without a shot being fired.




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