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Boerestaat Party Election Manifesto for 2014


The Boerestaat Party of South Africa is the only Political Party on the right that is registered by the I.E.C.

But we donít see ourselves as classical rightwing because we are a Volks Party.

Our main aim is to increase our nation to at least 20 million people by the end of the century.

That is a massif task as most of our woman are already sterilized or are on one or other contraceptive.

Our nation is declining at a tremendous rate and it is our main goal to stop this murderous suppliers of human herbicide that are killing our next generation.




Our second aim is to get the death sentence re-introduced.


The murderous swine, with a nod from the Ruling Party, have murdered tens of thousands of my Nation, the Boer nation since 1994.

Our manifesto also states clearly that we will not move off our land.

We will not join people ie. Orainia and separate ourselves or give up our rightful place in South Africa.

We are therefore totally against emigration out of South Africa.

If we can achieve these three goals.  

1) Stop the pill and other human pesticides.

2) Stop the horrific murders perpetrated on our Nation.

3) Stop people leaving the Country

Then we wil have our 20 million people at the end of the century.



Qualified Franchise


The Boerestaat Party stands strong on the principle that all people are not equal.

There are shortsighted and farsighted people.

There are beggars at the robot and there are industrialists that employ thousands of workers.

We will never agree to the simple one man one vote system because that is a dictatorship.

In South Africa where race is the given factor, there will be no difference between a Black ANC or a Black DA or a BLACK E.F.F

The game is rigged in favor of the black majority.

It is as a rugby game, where one side has 15 players and the other side has 100 players.

Then we are surprised if the 100 players win?

Such stupidity can have only one result.

a Vagrant and a Doctor canít have the same voting rights.  

In our country even jailbirds can vote and their vote counts the same as a farmer that supply all our food on our table.

Our standpoint is clear, Qualified Franchise where every man has one vote but everybody that have Diplomas, Degrees or are Employers must have a higher value to their vote.



In some instances the Boerestaat Party agrees with Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters.

Countries like America, England, Japan, China, Germany etc. raped South Africa since Jan van Riebeeck arrived in 1652.

Under the National Party and also under the ANC the destruction of all our Natural Recourses was plundered by these countries for their own economy.

We have all the Natural Recourses.

We have all the labour

We have all the technology

But we are one of the poorest countries in the world.

The Boerestaat Party will agree with the E.F.F that all foreign companies must produce products here in South Africa and not in their own countries.


Foreign Policy


It is clear that America and its Allies made a decision to get hold of all the worlds fuel recourses.

Iraq was the first to be attack by them.

Then Syria

Then Egypt

Then Libya

Now Iran

And even the Ukraine

Turkey will be next to be destabilized

South Africa will also be in their sights because of our mineral recourses.

The ANC will gladly open their borders for these war peddles.

Just as the Nationalist did twenty years ago. 

Our Foreign Policy is therefore to stop the plundering of our country.

Also to close our borders for foreign workers and to create work by building massif factories to export the goods to Europe and China.

The Boerestaat Party also wish to symphisize with Russia and the Crimea people for all the hardships that the American disruption and sanctions will bring.                 




South Africa, under the rule of the ANC, is on the brink of Total Collapse.

Electricity, Water, Communication, Railway, roads, sewage are long gone and it will take 10 years to make up the lost time of maintenance on the networks.

Our roads was not maintained for 20 years because of the ANC BEE policy.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel and the ANC will again be elected into Government.

The system of one man one vote will be used to have another 5 years of plundering for the Ruling Party and the Communist.

Please understand that the Boerestaat Party will only Participate if Qualified Franchise is introduced. 


Kind regards


Leader of the Boerestaat Party

Coen Vermaak