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The effect of one wrong Decision in History


Ladies and Gentleman and all the listeners of our show on the American Nationalist Network.

Thank you for listening to the Boer Voice out of South Africa every Thursday at 12 noon.

We will again have some News items read by Rodney Martin before we proceed with the show.

We will also have two advertisement breaks and listen to some music from the Boer Nation.


Today i wish to speak to you about history and what effect One bad decision can have in the Course of History.

We also said that when we look back at History then we must place those events in “Context” with those years and the circumstances of that time.

That is true, but in many instances we can see the shortsightedness of those decision makers.

Even in ones own life we know that certain events or certain decisions was a (Turning Point) in our lives.

We also understand that some decisions, as marriage for instance, have a major effect on our lives.

In South Africa today 60% of all marriages ends up in the Divorce Courts and one can rightly asked if we made the correct decision when we decided to be married.

Again we must place that question against a backdrop of what the Context was when you were 20 years of age.


In South Africa we have many such Historic changing events that had a massive effect on our History and also for our future generations that still have to come.

Some people have the absolute wisdom to be able to see in the future and to understand how influential their decisions will be.

One such a person was a man with the name of G.M Mes.

He lived in South Africa in the 1967 time frame.

He wrote two books, Now men and Tomorrow men and also Mr. White Man, what now.

I urge you as listeners to seek out this man and buy these two books.

You will be forever enlightened and you will be able to understand what is happening in the world around you.

Gerrit Mes was a Medical Doctor and orthopedic surgeon and he lived in South Africa in Krugersdorp.

If you place this man, GM Mes, who came from the Nederland more or less at the same time as Dr. Hendrik French Verwoerd who also came from the Nederland, then you have two doktors, the one a medical doctor and the other a sociology professor that at that time and context, understand that the White People in South Africa were in grave danger and that something had to be done, if South Africa had to survive for the next 100 years.

Dr. Verwoerd had the power of the State behind him but Dr. Gerrit Mes had no power.

The only power he had was the power of the Pen and he sat down to write two books for the Generations that had to follow in the next 100 years.


So now we can look back and criticize the mistakes of the past.

We must take in consideration that we must look at it in (Context) but, we must decide if they were shortsighted or were they Tomorrow men as Gerrit Mes described farsighted people.

You must also ask yourself if you are Now men or are you Tomorrow men.

Are you happy go lucky or are you concerned of what tomorrow will bring?


These two men had two different viewpoints on the matter of preserving the White People in “Dark Afrika”.

Verwoerd decided to concentrate on Black People to solve the problem and Gerrit Mes concentrated on the White Population to solve the grave danger that the White People faced.

Lets see what Verwoerd did and compare that with the solution of G. Mes.


Verwoerd created a Republic and broke away from the English Common wealth.

Then he started to buy land from farmers to create four homelands for the Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda and Cuskei.


To make a long story short you can imagine the cost involved to create a new State with everything needed to run a country and that is times four.

This cost can’t be measured but it must have been in the Billions of rands.

Immediately their was a shortage of workers and Verwoerd solved that by concentrating on White woman to enter the Labour Market to free the men that at that stage did all the office work in South Africa.

To stop woman from expecting a baby, Verwoerd found a way for this Problem by allowing White woman to use all the contraception’s that was available to them.

The Pill was important and White woman was either on the Pill or decided to be sterilized.

White woman started to Pay Tax and immediately the Economic growth went up to 7%.

Verwoerd claim this as a success story and most supporters of Verwoerd today claim that Verwoerd was a great Leader and very successful.

He was killed by a Greek Communist Stafendas and he never finished his work.

This was the Policy, that caused the downfall of the White people in South Africa.

In 1951 the ratio between White and Black was 3 to 1 and today in 2014 the ratio is 12 to 1.

This was the result of Verwoerd’s policies and we can see that for 300 years we clawed our way into Africa and with one stroke of the pen we reduced ourself to a small Minority.

So we can see that this man was very shortsighted and he did not understand Nature or Nature’s Law.

You must also understand that most of the our Nation was also shortsighted to follow this ill-advise but they were Powerless to do anything about it.

Verwoerd with these horrible Policies, killed 8 Million White babies and that lead to the demise of the White Part of South Africa.

In the 1980 we closed 600 White classrooms per year because of the shortage of grade one pupils.

This was the direct result of the Verwoerd Policy and we can see today that we must never claim that he was our Hero or a great Leader.

He was an Immigrant from Holland with a doktors degree at a very young age with no long term solution to our problem.

His Policy was to hand over 10% of South Africa to 90% of Blacks and keep 80% of land for 10% of Whites.

In the process he and his National Party supplied the deathblow to our Nation but they were never aware of this.

So, everybody that thinks that Verwoerd was a Hero, does not understand History and are themselves also shortsighted.

I know and understand that White people will not agree with me but that is not to say that I am wrong.

I am just not popular with them because I am telling the truth and it does not fit in with the Majority of Whites and their high social standing in our Country.

White People does not look in the Mirror to see the real enemy.

They try and find the enemy in the Blacks part of the Population.

Hendrik Verwoerd was and is the cause off our children downfall and he and his National Party should not be seen as Hero’s.

They were shortsighted and lead the sheep over the edge to their death.


Let’s now look at Mr. Gerrit Mes and the way that he approaches the problem.

He concentrated on the Whites and not on the Blacks.

He tried to increase the white part of the Population in contras of Dr. Verwoerd who concentrated on the Black part of the Population.

That is a massive difference in attitude.

If Verwoerd, who had the Power of the State behind him, had used the money that he spend on creating the Bantustans, to pay White woman for at least four babies, he could have made every White woman a Millionaire and he could have grown the White population to 20 million.

Instead he killed 8 million and caused the downfall of everybody in South Africa including the Blacks that sufferd also at the hands of this Man.


In the beginning of our shows we said that we will explain to the American People, what was the cause of our downfall and to warn America of the danger that they will have to face if they follow the Western sickness of Barren White woman?

You must come to your senses before it is to late.

In South Africa we compounded our problem for 50 years and there is no short term solution.

Only the realization to stop the full scale murder of our future Generations will turn the tide and we will have to work very hard for the next 50 years if we wish to stay in the race.


The Communist killed all the Potential Leaders in Poland to stop Poland to ever become an opposition to the Communist again.

The Communist killed their own Tsar and his whole family to stop any member of the Romanov family to ever again gain Power in Russia.

We in South Africa lost all our future Leaders by “killing” our next Generation and this was done with the consent of our so called Christian Leaders.

If we view the killing of the Tsar, Nicolas Romanov and his whole family in “Context”, then we can see that this murderous act paved the way for the Communist to grow and became a cancer in every country in the world.

This can also be said for the people that planted the Pill in our midst and killed our next generation.

Dr. Verwoerd was to shortsighted to understand what was happening to him and he and his Party took the wrong turn in history and we are Paying the Price for that wrong decision made in 1960.

Dr. Verwoerd was followed by Johan Voster and then came P.W Botha.

These two at least tried to uphold the Status Quo but PW Botha became sick and old and then we had a disaster.

FW de Klerk manage to gain control of the Nationalist Party and he made use of the opportunity to unbanned the ANC and let Mandela walk free.

For three years the Nats and the ANC sat around a table to discussed the New South Africa and the best the National Party could thought up was Majority Rule.

The rightwing argued that we could not trust other Nations and other races to upheld our way of life.

We insisted that a Canton System be implemented as in Switserland.

In a Canton System you have many different Cantons that rule themselves but they are part of a Federation.

In South Africa we have 11 different Nations in one Country and everybody must abide to the Central Government that is chosen on a one man one vote system.

The Zulu’s lost their freedom and so did all the others.

The shortsightedness of de Klerk is showing now when murder and rape are in the order of the day.

Conflict between racial groups is an everyday occurrence.

Strikers are very dangerous where angry mobs of strikers carry weapons, kill security and Police and cut out their body parts to use as muty to stop bullets.

Taxi owners, shop owners are killed on a daily basis if they dare to drive on roads, other than have been allocated to them.

Mr. Gerrit Mes explained this phenomenon of now men in his books.   

After 20 years of one man one vote South Africa has an economic growth of less than 2% but a population growth of 3.5%.

We have an unemployment figure of 35%.

That is an official figure and it may be even 45%.

1. We have no Electricity.

2. We have no sewage farms that operate and raw sewage is running down the streets.

3. We have a shortage of water distribution.

4. Our roads have not been repaired for 25 years.

5. All Housing projects was stopped due to the shortage of electricity.

6. Under White rule South Africa was a Developing Country with one foot in the Developed word.     

Today we are a Third World Country importing most of our needs from China.

The farmers have fallen from 32,000 Commercial farms to 15,000.

Land grab are in the order of the day.

The Mining sector including the Manufacturing sector is on their knees.

The closing of Civil Construction Companies are the order of the day.


I cannot paint you a worst picture and all this became Verwoerd allowed White Woman to use the Pill and stop the natural growth of the White People.


Kind regards

Coen Vermaak


News out of South Africa on 26 June 2014


1)  A jong White girl of 20 years declared in Court that she never was a racist but after a Blackman raped her and stabbed her more than 22 times she doesn’t trust or like Black people.

This Black monster, Samuel Msiza broke into her house and started to stab her and eventually the blade broke of in her head.

This incident followed a Bible study class that was held at het home.  


2) A jong White man (23) was killed in a Spur Restaurant in Alberton by six blacks. After they killed him they continued to finish their meals.


3) Two Black men were sentence to life imprisonment for the murder of a White farmer, Mr. Johan Strigling. His wife, Corra was raped after they broke her arms.This is a daily happening in South Africa and the ANC Government refuse to have a Referendum on the Death Penalty.


4) The new Minister of Community Development, Gugile Nkwinti said that black people are going to break their backs by leaning backwards to accommodate Whites.

This will stop and owners of farms will have to join the Party so that blacks will become landowners.