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News out of South Africa on 15 May 2014

1) Another four people were murdered at the Lonmin Mine in Rustenburg near Marikana.

All four was cut to pieces with pangas by the striking miners.

2) According to Newspaper reports the DA, the Official Opposition Party in South Africa, has a internal war between Black and White DA politicians.

According to reports half of the Democratic Alliance (Blacks) are unhappy with the White Leadership of the Democratic Alliance. 

3) A shop owner in Pretoria, Mr. Charles Groenewalt, was shot dead and his wife attacked by Black shoppers.

4) Corrie Sanders, South Africa’s Boxing Hero’s, mother could not testify in her son’s murder trail because of her emotional condition.

Three blacks are standing trail for the murder on Corrie Sanders.

5) Thousands of squatters removed a Game fence in the Game Reserve of Dinokeng near Pretoria and started to put up their shacks inside the Reserve.

6) About 30 American Law Students was high-jacked and robbed of all their belongings in Pretoria. Three Blacks forced the bus to a standstill and took all their cellphones, money and ID documents. These traumatized students immediately left South Africa and vow, never to return.


Kindly yours

Coen Vermaak


American Nationalist Network

Attention: Mr. Christopher John Borsella


I thank all our Listeners for joining us again on the American Nationalist Network to listen to the Boervoice in South Africa.

It is an honor for me to speak to you every Thursday at (12 Noon).

I wish to give you my E-mail address and will repeat it later in the show.

The e-mail is cvermaak@ana-ann.com


 As on Previous shows we will have the news shortly and we will have two advertisement breaks.

The news will be from South Africa and as in our Past shows we will backtrack slightly into our previous talk.

Here then the news read by Mr. Christopher Borsella.


Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Coen Vermaak and I am the Current Leader of the Boerestaat Party of South Africa.

Our website is www.boerestaatparty.co.za and you can use two e-mail addresses.

The first is cvermaak@ana-ann.com and also info@boerestaatparty.co.za


Firstly I wish to speak to you about Germany since the first World War in 1914.

In this War 10 Million White people died.


It is pure and simple one of the Saddest Stories ever told.

Including the 65 Million White people that died in the second World War in 1940, it can be seen as the biggest catastrophe that happened to our white race in all time.

With the Ukrane again in the News and White people dying in the streets, I wish to take the opportunity to try and influence people in Power to pour oil on the water and stop the Bloodshed.


A question regularly asked is how was it possible for Adolf Hitler to build a war machine to the extend where they could tackle the world in only eight short years.

We all know how massif the German war machine was with tanks, ships airplanes, rockets machineguns, trucks and ammunition and the question can be asked how did he do it in eight years as he came to power in 1933.

The answer is very simple. He did not do it.   


At the end of World War 1 in 1919, the Germans had a separate Military Government and a separate Civilian Government.

The Civilian Government could not dismiss the Military Government.

As far as the Military Government were concerned in 1919 when the first World War ended (it did not end). 

The Military Government continue to develop the army because they did not except the fact that Poland was taken away from Germany.

So, for 22 years they kept on developing the Wehrmacht and it was this war machine that Adolf Hitler used against the Communist.

Now we see a very peculiar situation.


When Hitler went after the Communist the whole world became his enemy.Russia supported the Communist in Germany and when Germany attacked Russia, England and America supported Russia to such a extend that they formed a Air and sea bridge to help Russia with food, clothing and weaponry.


In South Africa we had the same situations since 1961.

When we stood up against the Communist the whole world become our enemy.

Every Sanction that you can imagine was used against us.

Political, economical, sport, Cultural and Religious Sanctions was used against us to make sure that a black Communist Government is placed in power in South Africa.

We also had a problem in that we had no Military Government and the Civilian Government dismissed all the Generals in one night in 1994.        


We can now ask ourselves how could our brothers and sisters forsake us.

How was it possible that America, England, Canada and France killed 25 Million Germans because the Germans did not wished to become Communists.

Note, that Germany did not declared War on England or America.

The Germans was attacked by the English and by the Americans and the Germans had to protect themselves against them.

It is the same as a schoolboy defend himself against the school bully and when he becomes tiered all the friends of the Bully also attack the schoolboy.

How is it possible that America and England trained the black Communist ANC and taught them how to Govern before 1994.

I can only say that America, England and Europe could not care about the whites in South Africa.

They were only interested in our Raw materials and they sacrificed us.


In the beginning of these series of talkshows, I told you that we were sacrificed by the West and our White brothers and sisters in Europe.

The West wants out natural recourses, to be able to grow their own economies and the Whites here are very good Managers.

We manage 15 million workers.

We manage the Hospitals, the Railways, the factories.

We manage all Engineering, Architecture, and Banks.

We manage the Mines, the Farms and we manage the whole Private Sector.

Yes we manage it all for the Americans, the English and the whole of Europe’s economies.

And if we die, if we get murdered, if we are attacked in our homes and if our Woman are raped and if we become a Coloured race, then we will have no Sympathy from the west.

We actually have no sympathy from our own people.

The newspapers are full of reports of murders and rapes of whites everyday and so far nobody gave any indication of a revolt against the perpetrators.

The preachers play a major role in this.

They preach Sundays to love your enemy and that you should turn your other cheek.

They preach that you should give no thought for tomorrow.

It is this bad advice that caused our downfall and is still causing our downfall today.

We can now ask the Questions.

1) If Adolf Hitler won the war, what kind of world would we have had today?

2) We can also ask ourselves, if the two world wars did not happened, What kind of world would we have today?


I am sure that in that case the Germans would not object if we wished to have our own schools.

I am sure that we could have our own language, our own Universities.

I am sure that the Germans would have no objection if we wished to have our own Country, the Boer Republics that was taken away from us by Britian and in witch case they killed 32,000 of our woman, children and men.

Do you think that Adolf Hitler would have allowed Verwoerd to kill 8 million White babies in the middle of Black Africa by using the Pill and Sterilized 60% of our woman.

No Ladies and Gentleman it is only the Preachers, only the Capitalistic Money Power and only our enemies that gleefully rub their hands when a white Lady buys the Pill or when a white baby is aborted and thrown in the toilet.

Have you got any idea as to how much the Pill Manufactures are making every month out of the White Woman?

Lets take a educated guess.

The Whites are 4.7 million in South Africa and 50% are woman.

Off the 2.4 million 60% are sterilized or older than 45 years.

We have then 1.4 million sterilized White woman in South Africa and one million of them on contraceptives or “Human insecticide”.

They pay up to R180 to R200 per month for this Human Insecticide.

That is 200 million each month that goes into the coffers of this Pill peddlers.

We pay them to kill our next generation.

Can you believe it. Can you make this same calculation in America?

In South Africa even the sewage water are contaminated by the Hormones of the Pill.     


Let me tell you about the Tsetse fly in Africa.

This Tsetse fly cause the dreaded sleeping sickness.

Especially to foreign species in Africa.

To make Africa more accessible to foreigners the scientist collect millions of flies and cool them down to 7˚C.

Then the females are sterilized through a x-Ray machine and the males are killed.

These sterilized females are then release over the jungle and the males have only

3 days to mate with the sterilized females.

The poor buggers does not know that the females was sterilized and millions of the next Generations are eradicated and in a short period of 10 months the area is suitable for mining activities or oil production by White Managers.        


Kind regards

Leader of the Boerestaat Party

Coen Vermaak